General Policies and Information

Parking spaces for Del-Mar guests are available at the front of the premises. However, there are a limited number of spaces and therefore a first come, first served policy applies.

During bank holiday weekends the Del-Mar operates a minimum 3 day booking policy (Friday/Saturday/Sunday), any bookings for less than this will be cancelled.

No food is to be taken to the rooms under any circumstances. In most cases a table can be prepared in the dining room with prior notice.

If a guest is found smoking in their room the Del-Mar reserves the right to ask the guest to leave and apply a £50 charge for room de-fumigation.

Guests are liable for covering the costs of any repairs, replacements or cleaning of any item(s) or parts of the property incurred as a result of their actions.

Pre-Payments taken when booking through 3rd party sites

If a booking is made via a 3rd party site such as Booking.com, Hotels.com etc our policy is to take 100% of the first nights stay as a deposit to secure the booking, unless guests specifically request that we take the full amount. Guests are able to pay the remaining balance after check-in/before check-out.

We accept cash and/or card payments at The Del Mar. However, all card payment are subject to a £2.50 sur charge.

Cancelation/Refund Policy

Changes to and/or cancellations of bookings made up to 48 hours prior to the arrival date/time are without charge and deposits fully refundable. However, the total value of one night’s stay will be charged if less than 48 hours’ notice is provided.

In the case of a no-show or early departure during the reservation the total price of the reservation will still be charged.

In the event that the management deems fit to ask a customer to leave, due to inappropriate/antisocial behaviour, the total price of the reservation may still be charged regardless of the number of nights stay remaining.